QUALITY Appalachian Hardwood Lumber

Since it’s beginning in 1973 Allegheny Wood Products main focus has been producing high quality Appalachian hardwood lumber. Prior to the building of the kiln drying facility in Petersburg, West Virginia in 1984, all AWP lumber was sold as a green product to domestic users. Today AWP has grown kiln dried lumber production to 59% of sales volume to customers worldwide. Total sawmill production is 172 million board feet annually (405,868 cubic meters) and dry kiln production is approximately 84 million board feet ( 198,215 cubic meters).

In spite of the growth in kiln dried lumber sales, AWP still sells over 57 million board feet of green lumber (134,503 cubic meters). Green grade lumber is available in many of the species, grades, and thicknesses sawn by AWP.

Industrial lumber for uses in blocking, pallets and crating is produced in a variety of dimensions with 1 x 7.5" being the largest volume of pallet lumber produced by AWP. Random width pallet lumber is also available from all AWP sawmills.

For pallet lumber contact Linda Hedrick

Linda Hedrick – Green Grade Lumber & Pallet Lumber
Petersburg, WV
tel: (304) 257-9914

AWP believes in total utilization of the forest resource and by-products of lumber production such as sawdust, bark, and sawmill slabs are processed and sold as useful commercial products. Slabs and other solid wood residues are chipped and sold as hardwood chips. Sawdust is separated during the manufacturing process and sold for a variety of uses. Bark is removed from logs prior to sawing and sold for hardwood mulch and fuel.

For sales of by-products contact PJ Wright

PJ Wright
Petersburg, WV
tel: (304) 257-4171

Species Mix:
Poplar - 29%
Red Oak - 23%
Soft Maple - 13%
White Oak - 10%
Cherry - 10%
Hard Maple - 7%
Ash - 3%
Basswood - 2%
Hickory - 2%
Walnut - 2%

Being located in the center of the Appalachian Hardwood Region allows AWP to produce a wide variety of species of hardwood lumber. Desirable characteristics such as color consistency, good average widths and lengths, and slow grown, tight grain are all characteristics of the Appalachian lumber produced by AWP.

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