MANAGING Resources

"Becoming a professional forester has allowed me to not only enjoy but to also earn a living from the forest. At AWP, our entire staff of professional foresters take very seriously the responsibility of managing our forests to meet our present needs while also enhancing and insuring the opportunity for future generations to live, work and enjoy our most renewable resource."

» Kelly Riddle
Vice President of Forest Resources

AWP has assembled a team of 25 professional foresters with over 300 years of collective experience. The AWP forestry team procures timber and logs, and manages company as well as private lands for multiple use, including the management of non timber resources.

With a combination of company owned forestlands and long term wood supply agreements on approximately 400,000 acres, AWP continues to build a strong timber reserve. Allegheny Wood Products believes in and practices sustainable forest management, and all AWP facilities are FSC® Chain of Custody Certified.

  SOUND Forestry Practices

Procurement - AWP Foresters purchase approximately 126 million board feet of timber and logs annually. Approximately 90% of the timber and log purchases are for processing at AWP sawmills. The remaining 10% are marketed as veneer logs, peeler logs, export saw logs, and low grade saw logs.


Log Sales – Whether for export or domestic use, AWP sells veneer logs, peeler logs, and saw logs in all the Appalachian species. The combination of fine Appalachian timber and well managed log yards insure log buyers a fresh high quality product.

In 1996, the National Hardwood Lumber Association awarded its first Forest Stewardship Award to AWP. Selected from over 1700 companies throughout North America, this award acknowledges AWP’s forest management practices, public education programs about forest stewardship, political involvement to benefit forest stewardship legislation, involvement with national, state and local forestry associations, and mill practices which maximize forest resource utilization.

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