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“We have 700 committed employees striving to safely produce a superior product every day. Whether their responsibility lies in sawing the logs, drying the lumber, or delivering the finished product, our team is devoted to getting the job done.”

» Tom Plaugher
Vice President Operations

Due to the increasing demand for products throughout the years, AWP has grown to include three green sawmills, three sawmills with dry kilns on site, and two dry kiln concentration yards. With state of the art optical scanning and thin kerf technology to more efficiently maximize manufacturing yields, sawmill production capacity is in excess of 172 million board feet (405,868 cubic meters) annually from a resource base of over 460,000 acres (186,159 hectares).

Computer controlled dry kilns enable species-specific drying schedules which ensure the highest quality during the drying process. Each board is carefully graded by trained lumber inspectors to meet each customer’s requirements and packaged to their specifications.

AWP is committed, not only to producing quality hardwood products, but to producing hardwood products safely. Two AWP sawmills, Marble, PA and Princeton, WV, are recognized as OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) Star sites. This is a partnership between the AWP facilities and OSHA to ensure the highest quality safety and working standards at those facilities. These are the only two hardwood sawmills in the United States to achieve the VPP Star site designation.

The kiln drying facilities have a total capacity of 3.70 million board feet (8,731 cubic meters). Total annual kiln production exceeds 84 million board feet (198,215 cubic meters). With shipments worldwide, AWP has developed a reputation for excellence and quality.

Shipments can be made via railcar, truck or container.

On November 6, 2009 all AWP facilities received FSC® Chain of Custody Certification. This certification assures customers that Awp forestry and procurement practices are both sustainable and legal.

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