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“Almost forty years ago my parents founded Allegheny Wood Products.  They formed a company that worked hard at producing high quality lumber in a safe and environmentally sound manner from our region's most abundant renewable resource. We currently have over one billion board feet of timber procured to support some of the largest and most modern sawmill and dry kiln facilities in the industry. Even though our company has grown substantially over the years, I am very proud that we still conduct our business like a small family-owned company.  We continue to focus our attention on the quality of our products and our responsiveness to our customer’s needs.  Allegheny Wood Products has expanded because of our dedicated employees and the relationships we have cultivated over the years with both customers and suppliers. ”

» John Crites II
President AWP

In 1973, John and Patricia Crites founded a new family-owned hardwood sawmill company named Allegheny Wood Products, Inc. (AWP) in Riverton, West Virginia. Located in the heart of the Appalachian hardwood region, the fertile slopes of the Allegheny Mountain Range provide ideal growing conditions for temperate hardwood timber unequaled in uniformity of color and texture. This area is home to all of the Appalachian hardwood species, including red oak, white oak, cherry, basswood, hard and soft maple, ash, and yellow poplar.

From the very beginning, Allegheny Wood Products, Inc. has recognized that resource is the key to the future. With a combination of company owned forestlands and long term wood supply agreements on approximately an additional 400,000 acres (161,878 hectares) of private lands, AWP has and continues to build a strong timber reserve which enables the company to produce the finest hardwood products. AWP believes in and practices sustainable forest management, and all AWP facilities are FSC® Chain of Custody Certified. With over 25 professional foresters, AWP is committed to the wise management and efficient utilization of forests to meet the needs of the present generation while also assuring the availability of forests for future generations. Scientifically based silvicultural techniques integrate natural reforestation, growing, nurturing and harvesting trees with the conservation of soil, air and water quality, plant and animal diversity, recreation and aesthetics.

  WORLDWIDE Reputation

Since 1973, AWP has grown to include three green sawmills, 3 sawmills with dry kilns on site, and two dry kiln concentration yards. Total annual sawmill production capacity is 172 million board feet (405,868 cubic meters). Total kiln capacity is 3.70 million board feet (8,731 cubic meters) which allows for annual dry lumber production of 84 million board feet (198,215 cubic meters). AWP’s sawmills are equipped with state-of-the-art optical scanning and thin-kerf technology which allows the company to maximize manufacturing yields. Red oak, yellow poplar, white oak, soft maple, cherry, hard maple, ash, basswood, hickory, beech, and walnut are produced in 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses.

Marketing its products worldwide, AWP has developed a reputation for excellence with both service and product quality. Lumber can be surfaced two sides and/or ripped on one or two edges. Color sorts, width sorts, and customer specific grades are also available. Shipments can be made by rail car, truck or container.

Almost forty years of growth is the result of inspired leadership, dedicated people, strong timber resources, sound forestry practices, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that focus on the company’s goal…to provide superior forest products to the world.

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